I weeded and raked the…

I weeded and raked the entire hellstrip this morning, taking lots of breaks as needed, and now my thighs are aching. In a good way, but they're definitely aware that there has been very little in the way of real exercise for the last two months.

(Garden question: is there any point to mulching at this point in the year? The weather's about to cool down again, so I don't really need it for moisture retention, but there are some unsightly bare stretches of dirt, and I am getting tired of digging weeds out of them...)

Thankfully, the rest of the day has been less arduous -- a two-hour lunch of rice and curry and fruit and lemon knots with Roshani​, catching up after my summer of mostly-isolation (I got weirdly solitary and inward with the chemo treatments; it was just me and tv most of the time), and am now vegging out with the kids.

I just wasn't up to writing today; so be it. I'll try to set myself up to write tomorrow morning, I think. A story to finish, a chapter to revise...

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