Energy levels continue…

Energy levels continue to climb, slowly -- last week, I was only able to do 5-7K steps / day before exhaustion hit; this week, I seem to be up to 7.5-9k, a distinct improvement. Still down from normal levels (and consequently, still not sleeping all that well, as I think my body isn't getting as much exercise as my muscles want), but bit by bit, better.

I'm going to try to do a proper writing day today -- after I get the kids on the bus @ 7:30, I'm going to come back to the house, pack up, and walk a few blocks up to the Starbucks. If I stay at home to write, I think I will completely fail in discipline right now -- it's just too easy to watch tv / putter. So the plan is to turn off Facebook around 8, and then try to write until 2, when I need to come home to meet the kids (early bus on Wed.)

A six-hour writing day -- I can't quite imagine it, honestly. It's been so long since I carved out more than an hour or two at a time to write. But someone recently told me how much they enjoyed "Seven Cups of Water," which reminded me that I wrote that entire story in a single, seven-hour draft, sitting in a bookstore coffee shop in Salt Lake City, overlooking the Temple.

I need to start carving out bigger blocks of time; the whole point of quitting a third of my job last year was to make more writing time -- cancer basically ate all of that time up, and then some, but I am determined to start getting it back. Books to write! Books and books and books.

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