Chapter 7 revised. I…

Chapter 7 revised. I would have gone on to chapter 8, but my fingers and back were getting stiff after just two hours of typing -- I am out of practice! I'm going to have to work up to long days of writing, it looks like. Apparently, I can't just dive into 6-hour (or longer) writing days, just like I can't dive into my regular activity levels. Sigh.

But it's okay -- after the writing, I ran errands, so I was still productive. Fall shoes for Anand that will hopefully fit, more crochet hooks so I can more effectively teach my post-colonial lit. class how to crochet tomorrow (as we talk about the transition from home-based handwork to factory production, and the impact that had on the textile trade between Britain and India), some autumn-colored pants for me (rust! wine red! I so excited!), and then I came home and had lunch and tried on all my pants (discarding two that I haven't worn in three years, and one pair that is too large), which is a task one can only approach when one is feeling mighty in spirit and body -- and in ten minutes, the children must be met at the bus. So a good day so far.

And after they get home, I anticipate a nice afternoon of finishing reading Amanda's awesome YA SF novel, in preparation for discussing it at workshop tonight, and if Kevin has a chance to pick up groceries, I may even cook a curry or stew for dinner. Life = good.

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