Well, I wrote, but it…

Well, I wrote, but it was like pulling teeth. Normally I write around 1000 words / hour -- today, it was 1000 words in three hours. Frustrating. Not so thrilled with the words either -- I was trying to write something light and silly for a particular anthology, and I guess I succeeded, but I am...not invested in this piece. I dunno. Maybe chemo brain is a real thing, or maybe I'm just out of practice; I haven't written much fiction in the last month, when I was so exhausted. :-(

More tomorrow, hopefully. I think when I finish teaching, instead of coming straight home, I might go to a coffeeshop for an hour, try to write, finish off this story at least. Need to get back in the habit again. And then, back to the novel, which hopefully will go more smoothly.

I was tempted to try swimming a little today, but time has gotten too tight, and it was probably pushing it anyway, in terms of energy levels. I want my *life* back, dammit.


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