6:30: put away kids’…

6:30: put away kids' laundry, find an extra outfit for sending to school with Anand, get them dressed and breakfasted

7:30: drive them to school (Anand isn't allowed to take the bus on the first day, and while we could walk, it's a hike for him), get him settled in kindergarten classroom

8:30: come home to face reality of two children who are both big kids now. Eep.

The rest of the day is hopefully writing, straightening up a bit, weeding -- until 2:30, when I have to head to the hospital to do the last of the study bloodwork (stupid needles) and the final study echo (to hopefully find that the experimental drugs had no effect on my sturdy young-ish heart). Fun times. At least echoes are boring but painless.

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