Cancer log 117: All…

Cancer log 117: All I've done is putter around the house, and I'm ready to go to bed at 3 p.m. Jeez. I put my Fitbit back on today -- I took it off five months ago, when I started treatment. I figure for now, I can use it to keep from doing too much, rather than using it to push myself to do more.

I'm up at 4000 steps for the day, and right now, I think I'm going to be lucky if I hit 5000. It's a big change from pre-cancer, when I would normally average around 10-12K on a day I didn't try to do any extra exercise (and get to around 13-15K on exercise days).

Plan for the rest of the week: stay in the 5-7K range. If that goes okay, I can bump it up a bit next week. All right then.

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