It’s such a nice…

It's such a nice Saturday here. The weather has broken, hooray -- even though we're still getting up to the low 80s, the mornings are now cool and crisp, which I just prefer so much to muggy Chicago summers. My morning PG Tips (tea) tastes better, I swear, when it's cool out. Autumn is maybe not quite here yet, but is very much on its way, which is lovely for the transition to school starting. It's been a long, slow summer for us, and I, for one, am happy to move to a sharper, more project-oriented, ambitious time. Bring on the novel-writing, and also the cardigans and the pumpkin pie!

The plan for today is to straighten up the house, as energy allows -- I'm not feeling actively sick anymore, but if I do too much, I do get tired. Small bursts. If I'm still feeling good around 8-ish, I'm heading out for a Hugo party at Mary Robinette's -- we'll watch the awards show livestream (no tech problems, please!) and drink cocktails. I really appreciate that she's doing this; after all the Hugo drama of the last year, somehow I really want to be with congenial SF peeps as the results come in. And hey -- maybe this'll be Strange Horizons's year to finally win a Hugo (it's our third year on the Semiprozine ballot). Wouldn't that be something! Fingers crossed.

As an added plus, since the party's so late, the invite suggested fancy clothes or pajamas. And several years ago, I bought myself a pair of fancy silk pajamas for my birthday, so I get to do both at the same time. :-) I will take a photo if I actually make it to the party!

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