Cancer log 113: Had…

Cancer log 113: Had final MRI today. Still shaky from chemo last Wed, and I'm afraid that made the whole MRI process horrible. Jed dropped me off and Kat picked me up, because I was too woozy to drive (thanks). But the MRI itself was, I'm afraid, kind of a slow torture -- I ended up having to count in my head (backwards from 100, then in Spanish, in Polish, in Tamil, backwards again), the whole forty-five minutes, in order to minimally distract myself from how awful I felt. I couldn't move to try to adjust position and feel a little better, and it was all just miserable.

I could have scheduled it further out from chemo, which might have been wise, but the surgical consults happen on Friday, and they needed the MRI results before that, so if I hadn't gotten it done today, I would've had to wait another week for the surgical consult (and consequent surgery). If I'd known how awful I'd feel, I might have put it off, anyway, but it's hard to predict these things. Done now, and I *think* that was my last MRI? One hopes.

Friday, I get to have the conversation with the surgical oncologist about a) is the cancer actually all gone, according to the MRI, and b) what kind of surgery is she recommending / do I want to do. (Lumpectomy, mastectomy, double mastectomy, breast / nipple-conserving, with or without implants, what size, etc. and so on. I think I know what I'm leaning towards, but it's all still dependent on what the MRI finds and what she recommends. We'll see.

On the plus side, I am now ensconced on the sofa, the children are home today and being sweet, and I have an endless supply of Barbara Hambly novels to distract myself with. Also a fair bit of ice cream, should I decide I want it.

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