First I made Jed laugh…

First I made Jed laugh really loudly with a California earthquake insurance joke (you had to be there), then Anand came downstairs from brushing his teeth to demand to know why we were laughing, then I told him it was about earthquakes and sent him back up to finish brushing his teeth (something we've been trying to get him to do for half an hour at that point), then we heard Kavya on the stairs, wanting to know if he'd figured out why we were laughing, then Anand explained to her that he didn't really know, but it was something about earthquakes, and then I realized that Jed's entire body was shaking with suppressed laughter, but he was trying to hold it in so Anand wouldn't come down *again* without having actually brushed his teeth. And that was how I and my children turned Jed's face bright red this evening.

(Kevin was placidly working in the next room, blithely ignoring the whole thing.)

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