I’m finally feeling…

I'm finally feeling pretty okay today, so far, anyway -- the house / garden have fallen apart a bit with the week of sick, so my first goal is to get things sorted -- water garden, put away laundry, etc. Aside from that, send files to one of my co-teachers, do an hour with the E-mail Game to make sure I don't have anything urgent hanging around in there. Setting this house in order (which phrase now *always* makes me think of Matt Ruff's brilliant book, but I'm okay with that).

Should be done with all of that by lunch, at which point, either go return something out at Oakbrook or try to write, depending on how I'm feeling. I need to really lock down the plotting on chapters 8-10 of Flight, and then hopefully dive into revisions, and I also promised an anthology editor a short story, which I have plotted out, but haven't written yet. Soon!

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