Kicking water never gets…

Kicking water never gets old. Kavya could use a new swimsuit, but oh well -- next summer. Slicing half a small watermelon to bring with you in the cooler is totally worth the trouble; we devoured it all, about half an hour after arrival.

Juice boxes are also popular. Kavya wanted to pose for you with her heart, dug out in sand and outlined in wet sand for more visibility. (I thought that was clever.) I love watching them play together in the water; Kavi really does a good job of encouraging him and coaxing him to be a little more brave.

It is totally worth bringing a little cash for when the ice cream truck tootles pass. Sheer joy (mommy had one too). After a hard morning of beach-ing, the kids took a little rest while mommy picked up her Ethiopian Diamond lunch. The big advantage of Foster Street beach over all the other beaches is that it is right around the corner from my favorite Chicago restaurant. I don't ever seem to have the energy to go that far just for a meal, but if I can tack it onto some other activity / errand, I am so happy. Shiro for the win!

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