Cancer log 105: On the…

Cancer log 105: On the plus side, I got several compliments at the cancer hospital today. I went bare-headed, just 'cause it was easier, and various medical personnel told me I looked great. More significantly, four or five different patients, all of whom were wearing wigs or head coverings, complimented me, and one in particular enthused about how brave I was. She was a woman in her 60s or so, and I'm guessing it would be much harder (emotionally) for her to go around bald than it is for me. Her wig was very fetching, but she said it was itchy and hot.

The things we do to ourselves.

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  1. Without the tangled net of hair to catch it,
    the shower’s spray of water flows smoothly,
    sluicing downwards like tight-fitted warm silk,

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