Cancer log 103: Chemo…

Cancer log 103: Chemo today, the start of the slow decline. The worst of the effects will likely hit this Sat - Mon. After the previous treatment, two weeks ago, I'd say I only had two days (Mon / Tues this week) of feeling really normal. And chemo is cumulative, so I'm bracing for just basically feeling sick through the next four weeks. Some days better, some days worse.

I'm trying to focus on the positives. I got to the grocery store yesterday, so the freezer is well stocked up for a few weeks, at least; Kevin should be able to feed us without too much trouble, and if he's exhausted and we need to do takeout a time or two, we can afford it. I'm thoroughly stocked with books to read, video games to play, tv to watch; I have enough distraction for an army. Kev's working from home for the entire month, so if I end up basically in bed, he can cope with the kids and their needs. I've almost entirely cleared my schedule (just have about two hours of semi-urgent work to do), and my syllabi are prepped, so if I literally do nothing for the next month, it's okay. The house is very clean at the moment, so there's a chance it won't degrade too badly over the next month. Well, it will, as keeping it spotless is not Kevin's or the kids' priority, but it should be recoverable without too much effort.

I've basically prepared as well as I can think of for a month of sickness. Now, it's just a matter of living through it. Today's chemo is scheduled later than usual -- I don't go in until until 11:00, and will likely be home by 5 or so. So I have time to get a few things done before I go. Plan for the morning -- go out now and weed for an hour, come back and get the kids dressed and fed and to school / camp, send the Jaggery checks, tend to some gardening chores, order my course packs for fall semester, send back contracts for the Asimov's and Lightspeed sales. If I finish all that, then I really will be done and ready to just collapse for a month.

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