I am totallly torn about…

I am totallly torn about what to do today. On the one hand, we put in a new veggie bed, finally, and I am excited to plant in it. But I went to two local nurseries yesterday, and they had basically no veggies because it is so late in the season. But the planting guides *say* there are several veggies I can still plant now. So I could go into the city to a bigger garden store, which might have more, and as a side benefit, it'd mean I could have Ethiopian food for lunch, which is always a big treat.

BUT, that's basically 3-4 hours out of my day, and with chemo coming up on Wednesday, I am feeling acutely aware of how little normal-energy time I have left. And I have things to do for Jaggery, a novel to write, and some annuals to get into the summer planters, to replace the spring ones that are finally burning out in the summer heat. Also the poor dahlias, which aren't going to bloom this year, but should go into the ground to get rejuvenated for next year. And there are still a few hours of weeding that ought to be done at some point.

In theory, it could all be done, if my energy levels hold out, but I'm fretting that if I go into the city, I'll end up just exhausting myself and needing to give up halfway through the day.

Okay. I think it's about prioritizing. I will be crankiest if I don't get any fiction written. So tentative schedule:

8 - 9: feed kids, get them and me dressed, get them to school / camp
9 - 10: be disciplined, dammit, and revise a scene or two of the novel
10 - 1: go into city, stop at garden store and Ethiopian (get food to go)
1 - 4: alternately work on gardening and Jaggery

It should be do-able, and if I crash after I get back and have to wait until evening to do gardening / Jaggery, that's fine. Okay. This post brought to you by Mary Anne's limited spoons and apparent need to talk everything out in order to quiet the voices in her head. Thank you for your patience.

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