Woke up and had…

Woke up and had breakfast (more stew, I know that's weird for breakfast, don't judge me, I just love it so), straightened the kitchen, had a lovely birthday call from Karina in Australia, watered the front garden. No big birthday plans today -- yesterday was the Morton Arboretum expedition, but today is mostly just going to be a normal day.

After I get the kids breakfast, I'm going to head over to the garden store to get a) soil and veggies for the new veggie bed (must research what to plant at this time of year), b) replacement annuals for the big planter in front, because all the spring flowers have finally given up the ghost in the summer heat. Then a quick stop at Anthropologie to return an online impulse-buy dress that really is not my style (I would say what was I thinking, but I know the answer -- it was a silk dress on clearance with *pockets*, and that overrode the rest of my good sense for a moment).

Then back home by lunchtime for a quiet rest of the birthday -- gardening, reading, knitting, and maybe a board game or two with the family. Plus my surprise birthday dessert. The kids and Kevin went out and picked something up last night, and I am resolutely not looking to see what it is.

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