Cancer log 100: I’m…

Cancer log 100:

I'm not supposed to ask my oncologist if we can just skip the last two chemo treatments, right? Given that it's quite possible the cancer's all gone already? I would pay for an extra MRI out of pocket if it would let me get the next month back...


I know, I know. Stay the course.

I'm not going to actually ask her to drop the rest of the chemo. If nothing else, it would mean dropping my results from the clinical trial, since the trial is for the combo of the experimental drug + this particular course of chemo. It helps a little, thinking that I am doing this for SCIENCE.

If all goes well, in a few more iterations of this trial, I'm hopeful they'll get to the point where they can just use a longer course of the experimental drug for women who are triple-positive for breast cancer, and then they really will be able to skip this whole second chemo section. That's worth fighting through for.

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