Cancer log 97: …

Cancer log 97: Turquoise! Two hours of a half bottle of the Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, and it did exactly what I hoped it would -- gave a slight blue tinge to the black hair (or at least Kevin claims it did; I can't really see that), and turned all the grey hair turquoise. (Not nearly as light / bright as on bleached hair, at least according to the pictures I've seen, but that's fine with me; this is more the color I wanted.

The reviews indicate that it won't last all that long, that grey hair tends to go back to grey more quickly than bleached hair would wash out -- I'll try to remember to take a photo in a week, if I still have hair then. It started falling out yesterday, and the pace is accelerating today -- not quite shedding, but strands coming out every time I run a hand or comb through it, and quite a few in the shower. When it gets too shed-dy, Kevin's going to shave it for me, but not sure exactly when that'll happen.

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  1. Cool indeed! This reminds me of the blue highlights in Superman’s hair in the comics from my childhood, in the 1950’s!

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