Post-chemo reward for…

Post-chemo reward for today: I am TERRIBLE about watering my hanging planters. I bought a drip-system with timer for them last year, but haven't installed it yet, in part because we need to get a plumber out to repair a leaking outdoor faucet, it's a whole thing, don't even ask. Anyway, the flowers I planted in them in May are all dead now, which is depressing, so post-chemo I'm going to go to Luurs and buy four new baskets of flowers. And then I am going to ask Kevin if *he* can make sure they get watered for the rest of the summer, so they don't just die again. I am not sure why I can manage an entire garden but four hanging baskets consistently defeat me (this has happened before, so I can't even blame cancer), but this time, I am calling in the reinforcements.

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  1. You are not alone! I went out of town for 8 days & the hanging basket in the front died on husband’s watch. Bought a replacement (on sale – woo) and was keeping up with watering it minimally, but relying on lawn sprinkler to back me up. Lawn sprinkler stopped working (funny what happens when husband turns the water off) and my mom came over and immediately said, “Is that the second dead basket?” Ugh…luckily, this one has come back with daily watering. I think the baskets just don’t hold onto water like a pot does, so they are super sensitive to lack of water.

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