The forecast today is…

The forecast today is for strong storms. I checked the hourly, and they weren't supposed to start until 9, and I wanted to get in half an hour of weeding, so I went outside -- just as it started raining and whipping wind. I stood on the porch and watched the storm for a few minutes, annoyed about my weeding, and then I thought, "Why not?" It's not actually cold, after all. So I put on a rain slicker and went out to weed. Half an hour later, my legs and shorts are totally drenched, my sneakers are starting to soak through, but a nice segment of the flower bed is all cleaned up. It's sort of like gardening in the shower. Anand then comes out on the front porch to say, "Mommy, I don't want you get hit by lightning!" And my basket is pretty full, so I reassure him that I'm coming back in now. Clipping a new lily on the way -- there's supposed to be hail a bit later, so I might as well save this blossom before it gets totally battered. We'll see how the garden survives the day.

(I am well on my way to being a wacky old gardening lady, the sort the neighbors are slightly bewildered by.)

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