I woke up feeling almost…

I woke up feeling almost completely normal today, which is very nice. I had my tea -- and hey, I forgot to mention that chemo made me not want tea, which is so bizarre as to be unnerving. Chemo also gave me heartburn when I ate spicy food (still continuing, but improving), so I've mostly had neither for the past week, and can I tell you, a Mary Anne without tea or spicy food doesn't quite recognize herself! But now I am back to my beloved PG Tips, at least. Will I make it back up to my four-cups-a-morning habit before the next round of chemo? We'll see.

Plan for the day is to really work -- I want to get checks out for the upcoming issue of Jaggery, deal with some backlogged work on the magazine, and finally watch that Scrivener tutorial and try moving my SF novel over. Next step will be seriously rethinking the structure of Part II, which I'm a bit stuck on, so I'm hoping Scrivener will help shake some of that loose. I'm also meeting with Joan (college student employee, paid on a grant, yay!) to work on the update for the SLF website (we're trying to bring it into this decade).

I also, as I was falling asleep last night, started realizing how I should really reorganize my memoir, which I think mostly means throwing out about half the book, which is deeply unnerving, but I'm pretty sure will make it better. I'm still not sure what the actual organization should be (for a memoir, as opposed an autobiography, an organizing principle is key), but the old structure (centered on a month-long trip to Sri Lanka I took in 2005) just wasn't working.

I was really resistant to that truth for a long time, because I'd been in the midst of writing, and I'd put in so much work and time, but I think I've finally come to accept it. I just needed some time away from the book, so I could see it clearly. I usually think of writing in terms of applying my butt to the chair and actually doing the work, but the truth is that sometimes art requires long fallow periods too.

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