Plan for today: …

Plan for today: breakfast, get the children off to camp and preschool. Post a recipe to the cookbook club on Patreon, for tangy peppered beef stew (a slightly Sri Lankan version of a regular British beef stew; it's something my mom made, and I find it addictive. Basically peppercorns and vinegar added to the regular stew recipe. Lots of peppercorns, good for chomping on.)

Sign up for SFWA, play an hour of the Email Game (maybe two), as I am really behind right now, and I'd like to get back to inbox zero before the semester starts. (Too bad you can't use it for Facebook messages, also behind on.) Do the Scrivener tutorial and try moving the manuscript over there. Unpack from D.C. trip and do a load of laundry. Move the poor dragon's blood sedum that is now totally buried amidst three clumps of a different plant whose name I'm forgetting.

Figure out what I can cook in advance for Saturday's potluck -- potato salad should keep fine for two days, right? (Samanthi is bringing spicy potatoes, which will be great, but two kinds of potatoes never hurt anyone, and I do love potato salad.) Do I want to make macaroni salad / broccoli salad? Are the kids likely to eat either? Hm. Favorite kid-friendly 4th of July recipes? We have hot dogs already.

All of this contingent on anti-nausea meds being effective. Am reserving the right to ditch it all and nap on the couch watching Doctor Who re-runs if necessary. Or maybe I will try The 100 or Sense8, both of which I've heard good things about. And I have a Diana Gabaldon novel to finish...

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