Cancer log 89: Okay, so…

Cancer log 89: Okay, so after the first round of chemo yesterday, I was fine for a few hours, and then started feeling quite queasy. I took the milder anti-nausea meds I had on hand, which frankly, didn't help very much. I napped a little, after doing my reading for monthly writing workshop, which did help some. I hosted workshop -- or rather, I half-hosted it, getting through the parts I needed to (with the aid of nibbling crackers) and then passing the hosting over to Kat so I could go upstairs, take the more serious meds, snuggle the children for bedtime, and go to sleep.

On the plus side, workshoppers liked the revised chapters, whee! (My workshop has been very patient with looking at drafts over and over, and I am grateful.) Also on the plus side, the new anti-nausea meds seemed to kick in almost immediately; I was feeling much better by the time I went to sleep. And I woke up this morning still feeling reasonably okay -- a little woozy, perhaps, but my tummy seems semi-stable. I had a couple crackers on my nightstand, and just nibbled one as a precaution before getting up for the day.

This reminds me a lot of the early stages of pregnancy -- a constant, low-level nausea that spiked on occasion. (I know some women have it much worse; my sympathies.) I got through that with the aid of crackers (and oh, I got sick of crackers, but I have a full variety pack, so hopefully that will help), and of course, when you're pregnant, you try to avoid taking anti-nausea meds, and I have no such concerns now. At 9, I get to take the strong meds again, and I'm looking forward to that -- my doctor's approach seems to be to 'squash' the nausea, as she put it, before it really gets going. Sounds good to me.

This has been your morning queasiness report. Hopefully not TMI! :-) It's the main thing on my mind right now. I have three days prescribed of the stronger meds, which suggests that this should ease off by Saturday. Fingers crossed.

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