Cancer log 87: First and…

Cancer log 87: First and most important, the MRI results came back, and they're very good. The mass that was originally 2.8 cm is now down to .6 x .6 cm. A very favorable response! It's not all gone, but we're progressing well. Next is 8 weeks of another drug cocktail, the more traditional kind of chemo, and then there'll be another MRI before surgery. Hopefully it'll be all gone by then.

I start the new set of drugs today, the AC combo (adriamycin / cyclophosphamide). Trying to figure out what I want to do about my hair; my oncologist told me to expect my hair to fall out, starting in two weeks or so. I asked her if she had any recommendations about chopping it, shaving it right away, etc. She said a lot of patients cut it short initially, and then shave it when it starts really falling out.

Alternatively, patients just shave it, because otherwise they end up with hair shedding all over their house. I think I may go to SuperCuts today and get a $10 short haircut, just for the next few weeks. It's going to be summery and hot here anyway; getting rid of some bulk would be nice. And I think it'll reduce the shock factor for the kids, if I start by cutting it short, let them get used to that first.

Once it's all gone, I'll figure out how I want to deal with it. Probably just a bandana for a few months, to keep my scalp from getting sun-burned. Since I shouldn't be bald for a long time, I can't see spending the money on a real wig. And while I know some people get head tattoos, I don't think that's for me. Maybe henna decoration, but probably not that either. We'll see!

Other than that, the main thing to expect is nausea, but they tell me the anti-nausea meds are very good. I admit to being a bit dubious, but they seem very certain of this. They said the main thing is to take the drugs as soon as I feel even the faintest flutter of nausea, because it's much easier to control it then, rather than trying to control vomiting.

The doctor said to think of it as just a different regimen -- not necessarily easier or harder, better or worse, than the last one. All right then. We'll see how it goes.

As a side note, can I say that I really appreciate the way the nurses fill me in on what to expect? They warned me that the red medicine would turn urine orange -- definitely nice to know that in advance, and not be completely freaked out. And they told me that the current medicine might give me a bit of a sinus headache -- and yes, here it is, right on cue. Very mild, just like I have a cold coming on. For me, it's so much easier, knowing what's coming.

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