I came home from my trip…

I came home from my trip yesterday, and a) said hello to Kevin, b) had some tea, c) went to the local grocer and got something to curry, d) picked up the kids from camp and preschool, e) snuggled the kids, f) made a curry and some rice for dinner, g) fed the kids, h) ate dinner, i) watched a Doctor Who re-run (Day of the Doctor, one of my favorites), j) picked some flowers from my garden, k) arranged the flowers, l) distributed them around the house, and m) felt properly at home. Tea, curry, family, flowers. And a little Doctor Who. Sounds about right. :-)

Flowers harvested include: various veronicas in pinks and purples, anise hyssop (a new-to-me prairie native), nepeta, clematis, Annabelle hydrangea, monarda / bee balm, and two astilbes.

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