Morning, folks. Feeling…

Morning, folks. Feeling groggy, but I've had my tea and breakfast, so heading out to weed for half an hour while it's still cool out. Then a quick trip to the hospital for an echocardiogram; this is part of the clinical trial, to test whether the three months of the experimental drug has had any negative effect on my heart. We expect not. Then grocery run, then home again, meet with Kat about my website redesign; it's in dire shape. And then this afternoon, weeding & writing, hopefully.

Am about to dive into revising Part II, with a major change -- I realized that in my first draft, I took my antagonist out for a while with an injury, and there was really no good reason for that -- it actually decreased tension and slowed down the book. Much better if the injury hits the protagonist's strongest helper, ramping the tension up instead. What was I thinking before? Answer: I wasn't thinking, just writing in a rambly sort of way. Sometimes that works for me, but sometimes, my subconscious is not actually as effective as my conscious.

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