Short new scene drafted,…

Short new scene drafted, 500 words, and three scenes revised -- to the end of Chapter 5 and Part One, whee! Productive morning writing. I like this bit, when our heroine has the chip in her head turned on for the first time:

"It was too much. A thousand voices in her head, some of them shouting. It had never been like this before  in school, the chip had been more like a reference book in her brain. She could look up a word, or ask for a procedural video, and what she needed would be retrieved. Simple  call and response, entirely under her control. This  this was as if a thousand bright lights were blinking in her brain, crimson and turquoise and blazing gold. Sirens blaring too, in a variety of tones, and she could feel her throat working, knew she was moaning, but she couldnt even hear it, drowned in the array of sounds. And then hands gripped her upper arms, painfully tight, and she welcomed the pain because at least it was real, it was something else, something physical to focus on. Something that wasnt exploding in her head."

Chip in the head! Fun times. :-)

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