Morning, folks. We’re…

Morning, folks. We're going to have a beautiful day here, so my plan is to to drink my first cup of tea and then get out into the garden for some serious weeding. The question: can I actually finish weeding the whole front yard before I leave town on Thursday? (Note that this is second-pass weeding, after we weeded and put down mulch a few weeks ago, and nonetheless, some of the weeds that made it through the mulch are back to mid-calf height already.) We'll see. A garden is a weedsome thing, god wot.

After weeding, get the kids to camp / school, then e-mail and writing until noon. I'm going to turn off Facebook for a few hours so I can concentrate. At noon, Mary Robinette and others arrive for lunch and a podcast recording. Intriguing! And in the afternoon, hopefully laundry -- I meant to do it yesterday, but the interrupted sleep caught up with me halfway through the day and I just failed. Watched several episodes of Miss Fisher instead, which is certainly not time wasted, and yet, the laundry needs to be done, especially if I'm to leave town shortly. (Heading to D.C. one more quick trip, Thurs - Mon, to "help" with the twins, aka, play with my niece and nephew.)

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