Cancer log 86: My…

Cancer log 86: My having cancer has been a hit to our budget -- even though we have decent insurance, there are some hefty co-pays. $30 for each oncologist meeting, $250 for each MRI, etc. It'd be insanely more without insurance, but it does add up. So really, I should be more frugal with money, but there is, of course, a certain desire to console myself with comfort-shopping.

I've mostly reined it in so far, limiting it to the occasional cute second-hand dress (with pockets, ideally!), a sushi lunch after treatment, etc. But occasionally I just want something I really don't need, and my brain says, "But you have cancer!" and then I buy it. So far, I've avoided doing that for things like trips to Europe which we really can't afford, but oh, it is tempting.

I'm only telling you about this last one because it is SO pretty and I think some of you might like it too. $25 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a mug, but what a gorgeous mug it is! Also, very sturdy (dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe); should last for years in daily use without noticeable wear.

It has a deer, playing a flute! A rooster with a pipe! And I think that last one is a badger? All dressed in elaborate gorgeous costumes. Designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, and inspired by The Cunning Little Vixen, "a Czech opera which is a sad yet beautiful story of the co-existence of animals and humans and the eternal cycle of life."

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