Scene revised! It was a…

Scene revised! It was a long scene, and I added three paragraphs of narrative and a new stretch of dialogue, so feels like a good, substantial bit of work. Hoping to be done with chapter 4 by weeks' end, if I continue at this pace. Tempting to just keep going, but I think it's better to pace myself a little, not burn out. So off to pick up some groceries, then lunch and bowling with the in-laws and kids. Kevin's parents go home tomorrow morning, so this is the last chance to do some fun stuff with them; Anand has been bowling-obsessed lately, for no apparent reason. We'll see if he likes the real thing; he's only done it once before, at least a year ago, so I'm not sure if he really remembers how frustrating it can be. But we'll go to a place with bumpers, so at least there won't be any gutter balls.

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