It’s been a little bit…

It's been a little bit of a whirlwind, and not quite slowing down yet. Feeling the need to run through it, just to sort it all out in my own head! Last week was in D.C. with the twins, got back yesterday and swung immediately into cleaning the house (it was fine after a week away, but not quite party-ready), shopping for supplies, and general party prep. Then hosting the party (with Kevin, of course), which started with pre-party around noon, party from 3-6, and after-party ending around 9. Mike​ and I taught Forbidden Island to Cliff and Miriam​, which was fun.)

Today, our house cleaner comes, which means after I get Kavi on the bus, I spend a few hours straightening up all the remaining party chaos (thanks to Ellen​ and Sasha​ and Izzy for helping teach kids art all through the party yesterday -- we couldn't have done the painting part without you! -- and even with clean-up afterwards) so that Wendy can actually clean properly. I need to duck out for an hour in there around 9 to do a quick stint volunteering at Kavi's school library; they're starting research projects, and her teacher asked for a few parents to help out. Then back to cleaning. I'm actually kind of looking forward to some quiet time puttering around my house! Watching tv while I straighten up definitely helps (although most of my shows are done for the season; may have to find something new to binge-watch on Netflix. Or I could start West Wing for the fourth time through....).

I'm hoping to be done with all that by 11 or so, at which point I switch into work mode. Feeling a bit desperate to write, so first, an hour working on the SF novel. Then, after-lunch, I need to switch to paperwork (which actually means e-mail work) -- get out checks to Jaggery contributors for the last issue (I keep wanting to pay on publication, but it hasn't quite happened yet; next time, hopefully) and to the new SLF grant winner, deposit a large donor check for the SLF (thanks!), and answer urgent e-mail.

If I can get all that done, I'll feel more caught up on my life. Then tomorrow, exercise and writing, which I hope to be the main pattern for the summer, around medical appointments. Wednesday, chemo, and I think Benjamin​ and Alex​ arrives in the evening. Thursday around noon, the three of us leave for WisCon. For those attending, I'm expecting to feel yucky off and on for the weekend -- if I'm out in a public area, please assume I'm feeling basically fine, and am happy to talk! (I'm also not immuno-suppressed right now, so hugs are fine, if we're on hugging terms.) If I'm feeling too bad, I'll go back to my room, take my anti-nausea meds, and watch tv / sleep until I feel better.

WisCon goes through Monday, then back for writing / exercise, plus planning a small end-of-year class party / baby shower for Kavi's teacher. (Need to start that planning today!) And then prep for Nebula pre-party on June 3rd, then Nebula weekend, and it all wraps up on June 7th. I might go out to D.C. for one more twin-shift, but otherwise, I'm planning on the rest of the summer being very very quiet. Chemo, rest, writing, exercise -- oh, and testing recipes for the cookbook revision. But mostly lots of rest; it's been an intense year, and some quiet time sounds really good.

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