Am excited — going to…

Am excited -- going to pick up my new bike today, the first I've owned since Anand was born (and my old bike was stolen) five years ago! It's a little complicated, as I also need to stop by campus to pick up the last student papers, but I think I can do it all without a car. Here's the plan:

Wear a backpack and carry the new bike basket, walk several blocks to the train, take train to campus, pick up papers and put in backpack, walk several blocks to the bike store, have them install basket on bike, strap backpack into basket using cargo net if needed, ride bike through several blocks of city traffic to train if I'm feeling brave (walk it if not brave today), take bike on train (okay from 9-4 weekdays), bike few blocks home from train station, triumph. Whew!

Complicated! But I think not too strenuous, and it's going to be a gorgeous day (high of 82), and it just seems a shame to drive if I don't have to. Bike bike! (A Linus Dutchie.)

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