Cancer log 75: Briefly,…

Cancer log 75: Briefly, met with oncologist yesterday and she says my MRI results look "brilliant!" I do like a nice, sparkly MRI. My labs also look great -- red and white blood cells solidly in the normal range, along with pretty much everything else. I am healthy as a horse. Today I have the second treatment infusion (which is actually not real chemo, and one of these days I'll try to explain that properly); should take about three hours, from nine to noon. I'm planning to spend that time revising my novel, as long as I feel up to it, and then I'm going to switch to watching Elementary season 2 (yes, I am very behind). No plans for the afternoon, other than more of the same; this evening, Kevin and I are actually planning to go to a department retirement dinner, though I've reserved the right to bail if I suddenly start feeling fatigued or queasy. Should be a nice day.

Oh, and I'm streamlining my packing for chemo, now that I have a better sense of it. Laptop for working and shows, snacks, headphones. Wearing comfy sweats. That should do it!

2 thoughts on “Cancer log 75: Briefly,…”

  1. Joy. You fill me with it. You’ve taught me that perhaps my usual method of rending my garments and falling to the floor in tears might not be the best way to handle hard things. You are full of grace. I am so happy things are going well. May they continue this direction forever. Thank you, Mary Anne.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hey, I like a good rending as well as the next girl…

    I also like your series of letters to the governor. I wish some newspaper would pick them up…

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