WisCon Chronicles intro…

WisCon Chronicles intro drafted -- that was kind of brutal. But also satisfying. It is basically an essay on how I want social justice conversations to change in SF/F.

I will likely revise and expand it at some point, six months or so after WisCon (which is when the Chronicles come out). If you want to read it before then, then I'm afraid you have to buy the Chronicles. :-)

Thanks to Elliott Mason, Jed Hartman, Kat Tanaka Okopnik, Debbie Notkin, Cory Doctorow, Jessie Stickgold-Sarah, and always and forever, the amazingly dedicated (and verbose) Benjamin Rosenbaum for reading early drafts and offering feedback.

As always, any remaining infelicities (and/or stupidity) are entirely my own responsibility.

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