Cancer log 67: So, I’m…

Cancer log 67: So, I'm staying home sick today, and once again, thanks to my department for arranging coverage along with my intermittent disability leave, so that my students don't suffer -- I mean, they do suffer, because I'm making them read The Bone People next week, which is going to be pretty rough for most of them, but that's *appropriate* suffering.... I am very glad that UIC offers such supportive health care coverage.

I could have powered through and gone into work if I had to. I'm not completely knocked out -- I just woke up at 2 a.m., a consequence of the Benadryl-induced three-hour nap during chemo infusion yesterday afternoon, and have been feeling somewhat debilitated since. My digestion is a bit of a mess too. I think a day of recuperation will set me right from that -- though I'm also keeping in mind what people have told me about chemo effects occurring on a 'v', so I may actually feel worse in a few days instead of better. We'll see.

But regardless, I'm trying *not* to power through. That would be my normal inclination, to just gut it out, and you know, that's great when it's truly necessary. There are moments in parenting when you're sick and feel completely miserable, but your kid is vomiting, and so you just have to somehow pull it together enough to take care of them. And moments in the job when you're on a critical deadline, and if that means setting the alarm for 2 a.m. so you can finish your grading *and* get the essay out the door, so be it. I have done both of those things, many a time. But right now -- I don't have to.

So I'm trying to be kind to my body, to be sensible, and I'm going to take the sick day, finish up on my WisCon Chronicles intro revisions and hand them in (in a non-frantic manner), maybe straighten up a little if I feel up to it, but mostly, I'm going to rest.

Look at me, being all reasonable and adult. I get better at this adulting thing every day.

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