Cancer log 65: Getting…

Cancer log 65: Getting ready to go in for chemo. We weren't sure if Kevin would be able to come in with me -- Anand seemed like he was getting sick last night, so Kev might have needed to stay home with him. Anand's up now and seems totally fine, so we'll see how the morning goes; as long as he stays chipper, he can go to preschool around 10-ish. I'm going to get Kavi off to the bus and then head to the hospital, let Kevin sleep in a little bit.

(The nurse originally said I should check in at 7:30, which would have been really difficult with getting Kavi on her 7:23 bus, since the hospital is 15 minutes away -- I wrote back and asked if 7:45 would be okay, and she wrote back and said that as long as I read the consent forms thoroughly in advance, 8:00 would be fine. I'm bothering to detail all this just to illustrate that there's often a little flex in the system when you need it, if you think to ask.)

Kevin offered to get up and go with me first thing, but I told him that wasn't necessary; I'm a little nervous, but not too bad. And he's a night owl -- getting up at 7 a.m. would be painful for him. Instead, I told him to come in the afternoon and stay for a bit; I'm expecting to start getting bored and restless at some point, and it'll be good to have a distraction. Also, I want him to see the space and the environment.

Also, I'm reserving the right to call and wake him up and tell him to come right now if I start freaking out unexpectedly. Am very glad I have that option available. (He doesn't teach today.)

Off to go figure out what I should wear today. Comfy seems a priority, since I'll be sitting / reclining much of the day, so probably sweatpants. And I think a low-cut top, maybe with a cardigan or zip-up sweatshirt, so they can easily access the port? Will research. Also put together packing list: laptop and power cord, iPad mini and power cord, print book, knitting, sandwich and snacks (mild flavored and scent-less, so as to to bother anyone else) and tea and milk. (There's a little fridge where I can store my stuff; they have a coffee/tea station, but I'm betting they don't stock PG Tips.)

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