Terrific reading at the…

Terrific reading at the Hopleaf tonight with Tuesday Funk -- as always, they put together a great line-up, ran it professionally, to a packed crowd (with many people standing around the edges), which incidentally listened silently and attentively -- I didn't see a single cell phone out during the two hours of readings.

If only all readings could be presented so beautifully, to such an appreciative audience! Extra-special thanks to Andrew Huff and Eden Robins, our gracious hosts, and to all the other readers, who were a pleasure to listen to. And Mikki Kendall, that was an awesome story; so glad I got to hear you read!

I read the opening to the new novel, about ten minutes, and I think it went over pretty well. They usually have photos and video up not long after the event -- I'll let y'all know when it's available.

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