Cancer log 59: Well,…

Cancer log 59: Well, they did warn me that people often gain weight with cancer these days instead of losing it (presumably in part because the anti-nausea meds for chemo are much better now). But I haven't even started chemo, and I've gained five pounds since my diagnosis two months ago. Since I normally hold pretty steady, I think I can attribute this weight gain pretty directly to a) stress, b) feeling sorry for myself, and c) hotel cheesecake.

It's fine -- I'm not going to be hard on myself for a totally understandable reaction to a life-changing medical diagnosis. But that said, this shouldn't go on -- if I continued at this rate, I would gain a dangerous amount of weight fairly quickly, and the doctors have been very clear that staying as active and fit as possible will help with the cancer treatment, especially the fatigue aspects.

So today, back to trying to hit my Fitbit walking goals, back to gardening (that one's easy, as the weather improves outside and my garden calls to me), back to paying attention to what I eat.

Cheesecake, my beloved, I will see you again on the other side of this cancer treatment. Creme brle, you too. Cheesecake won't mind. Cheesecake understands me.

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