Still itching! So, I…

Still itching! So, I don't think it's the adhesive, because I'm having reactions to what I think are three different adhesives -- the original cloth tape, the paper tape, and the steri-strips. The latter two I've had a bunch before, and never had trouble with, but now they're all irritating my skin -- I even had a small blister under one of the steri-strips, and ended up trimming the strip to expose that area to water and fresh air (which helped).

I am gaining more confidence in my theory that my body is just overreacting to any sign of invaders, though it would be nice to know if there's any scientific plausibility behind that. Also, it would be nice if I could sit my body's immune response down and have a little chat with it.

Hey, white blood cells! Stop that. Be cool, little dudes. These band-aids are on your side.

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