Various people at ICFA…

Various people at ICFA have been congratulating me enthusiastically on my nuptials, and apparently, my wedding photo ran in the last Locus, which I also find a little bewildering. Now I am tempted to send it to my high school, for them to print in their regular publication, for the full surreal experience.

I got married! But nothing has changed! Except that maybe now people assume I'm monogamous (and probably heterosexual), and I feel compelled to tell them over and over that I'm not. And I wouldn't wear the ring all the time, because it seems misleading, but a) it's really pretty, b) it belonged to Kevin​'s great-grandmother, so it's almost as old as our house (I'm estimating 1910-sh, to the house's 1885), and c) it's really pretty, did I mention that? It sparkles, just like my silver hair.

Every time people congratulate me, I feel an odd mix of bewildered delight and embarrassment and political confusion. It's not bad, exactly -- just very very weird. :-)

People say, "Congratulations!" and I have the impulse to say, "About what?" I mean, I found him 23 years ago, after all. The real congratulations maybe should've come when we didn't break up several years ago -- getting through that was a real battle, a victory worthy of some triumphant celebrations.

But that said, mostly, people are just happy that I'm happy (life is hard, and love is nice), so I can generally take it in the spirit in which it's intended. It would be churlish not to!

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