I told Kevin that I was…

I told Kevin that I was hoping to write about 4 hours / day during ICFA. I haven't quite managed that today -- I did 1500 words (about an hour and a half) on the plane, working on the novel, and just now, another 500 words on a new short story (same universe). I did spend close to an hour thinking through the plot for the story, so that counts for some time too. Also some relaxing, some eating of fried shrimp with a spicy aioli (yum!), some drinking of a margarita, and lots of chatting with old friends (writers, editors, academics). Even met a few new people. Given that I didn't arrive until after 3, I'm going to count the day as a success, writing-wise. And now, hopefully to bed, to finish the story in the morning, lord willing and the creek don't rise.

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