Cancer log 50: I have…

Cancer log 50:

I have no brain. Seriously, no brain. All the brain I had has apparently leaked out. I had an echocardiogram scheduled for today, and I totally meant to go, but then I did some long-delayed editing (hooray!), and then I was organizing the mudroom (putting away winter boots), and then Roshani stopped by to borrow a pan (lemon pound cake), and then I was going to return the wedding dresses I didn't end up wearing (I bought three dresses to waffle about at home, and ended up going with the simplest one, on clearance at Banana Republic; I think it was under fifty dollars, score!), and I totally planned to do the echo and then the returning, but somehow I headed out the door thinking about how I needed to get the car back by 4-ish and I honestly don't know what happened, but I COMPLETELY forgot about the echo until I was on my way home from the Oakbrook mall. I returned the dresses, and spent two hours wandering around in the sunshine (it's an outdoor mall), dipping in and out of stores and mostly not buying anything although I did fall for one tiny cake stand in purple and green that will be perfect for Easter cookies. Which I guess tells you where my brain is these days. My brain would much rather be planning our Easter brunch and egg hunt than thinking about medical procedures. They will reschedule the echo (and were perfectly nice about it), and I have three weeks to get this procedure done, so it shouldn't delay treatment at all. But still. I have no brain. (But I do have a spring-y cake stand.)

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