This is what I want. I…

This is what I want. I want a piece of paper or cardstock, on which I can draw the hardscape layout of my front yard: beds, paths, grass, etc. Then I want many transparent (translucent?) sheets to lay over it, so I can do successional planting plans. For example, right now, I want one that just indicates where the snowdrops are, so when fall comes, I can look at it, and figure out where I want to add more snowdrops. The next sheet would indicate whatever comes next -- scilla and chiondoxa and fritillaria and muscari, I think. Then crocuses, etc. Hellebores whenever they come into bloom, etc.

I think I essentially want one sheet / week, for the entire growing season. (The starting week will vary by year, depending on temperatures, but the sequence should remain basically the same.) That's a lot of sheets. And I think it'd work best if they were in a three-ring binder or some such, so I could just look at 2-4 sheets at a time; it makes sense to look at all of June at once, at times, but I'm rarely going to want to see October at the same time.

Is there already a product that basically does this that I can buy? Or a garden program (ideally priced for the consumer market, not the professional)? This seems like it's a standard garden design need, and someone would have addressed it already.

If not, I suppose I'm off to the office supply? art? store to buy lots of paper...

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