Cancer log 48: I tried…

Cancer log 48: I tried to buy yard waste stickers, but the woman at the grocery store said they don't get them in until the first week of April, when yard waste pick-up starts. I have twenty bags of yard waste that need stickers and picking up. I have a parking pad I can leave them on, but if it rains, they will get soggy. I would normally like it to rain in March -- it is good for the flowers. But now I would like it to wait two weeks.

She told me all this, and offered me the pink trash stickers instead, which are useless to me, and I was teary in the grocery store because I just could. not. cope. And I've been up since 2 a.m. because I woke up stressing about the clinical trial decision, and I was already really tired when I ran out to the store for stickers, and I have generally been coping pretty well, except when I'm suddenly not.

Apparently, I'm done for today, and it is stickers that have done me in. So be it. Eating some dinner, putting myself to bed. Kevin can feed the children and take it from here for the rest of the night.

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