Raked up leaf mold,…

Raked up leaf mold, spread rabbit repellent. Snowdrops!! Cut back Pinky Winky & Quickfire to clean, pleasing shape (both bloom on new wood), Russian sage (to six inches), John Cabot rose to not-stabbing-people-in-the-eye-levels.

Some of my plants are more aggressive than others. I didn't realize quite how spiky a rose could get until I grew this one -- now I really understand what Sleeping Beauty's prince went through. (And Rapunzel's, when he fell into the thorns and had his eyes pierced out.)

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  1. You need a temporary greenhouse: you know, the tinkertoy version that you put up each spring and take down every summer.

    Available at my local Fred Meyers and Rite-Aid at about 199 for a couple weeks and then on sale for 99 off and on for months. Tinkertoy frame, plastic cover, no floor (which is actually good because it doesn’t kill the grass underneath).

    Think how much fun you could have!

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