Snowdrops! They were a…

Snowdrops! They were a little leaf-choked, and I'm not supposed to garden yet, for fear of breaking open my healing biopsy incisions, so I crouched down and very gently raked away just enough leaves to get this photo (and to let them breathe freely). I need lots and lots more snowdrops in my yard -- there's just this patch, and another patch in the grass of similar size. What was I thinking? There should be hundreds, at least, if not thousands. Planting for next fall.

Also featured, quince branches from Trader Joe's. I love getting branches in spring (and fall), because they open slowly and last for weeks. With a little luck, these may still be in bloom for the Easter brunch; we'll see!

3 thoughts on “Snowdrops! They were a…”

  1. There are a lot of varieties, ranging from white to pink to salmon to red. I mostly see pink around here.

  2. I think that is a “yes, salmon have infected the Pac NW quince”

    We never see any other color here. Not in quince.


    I want one, but they are scrubby bushes and I already have one scrubby bush (Japanese Kerria Pleniflora) and that’s all Adrian wants to tolerate, which is right and we don’t really have room anyway but so pretty pretty pretty.

    And no, don’t ask why I need to have both forsythia and kerria. They are different yellows despite what the internet shows. And the kerria mostly blooms later than the forsythia, resulting in months and months of yellow.

    Which is right down near the bottom of your color list, but we’ve always known you’re the cool and I’m the hot.

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