Super-lethargic; it’s…

Super-lethargic; it's this darn cold that's left my head stuffed up and my limbs logy. I took it easy yesterday -- I'm not sure I did anything, other than very slowly puttering around the house straightening up a tiny bit and watching a lot of British murder mysteries. Would be tempted to do the same today, but I have a fairly full to-do list; papers to finish grading, little things to write and edit, stories to read and crit for workshops. Someday I'll write fiction again, but despite the optimistic two short stories on my to-do list, today is probably not that day. Ah well. If I can finish up all my grading and be well-prepped for tomorrow's classes, that's the main goal. At least the text I'm teaching is _Things Fall Apart_ -- that's a book I've taught enough times that I really could teach it in my sleep, I think. :-)

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