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Cooking experiment from last week, Seared Scallops in Sri Lankan Curry Sauce. This one was only semi-successful -- I tried making my standard curry sauce, the one I use as the base (with modifications) for everything from meat to seitan to eggs. It was just too spicy / robust for the scallops, though; it overwhelmed their delicate flavor. I'll likely try this again, because it almost worked -- next time, I'd cut the chili powder in half from normal and add in a half can or so of coconut milk. Which is more what I tend to do when making a salmon curry anyway, so I really should have known better -- oh well. The sauce should end up more creamy pink than orange-red.

If you want to try this, just start by making a standard Sri Lankan curry sauce (you could use the Chili Eggs recipe in my cookbook, or something from Charmaine Solomon's wonderful Complete Asian Cookbook). When the sauce is almost done, in a separate pan, briefly sear scallops on high in a little hot oil, about two minutes each side. (Tongs help.) And then serve, topping the scallops with the curry sauce.

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  1. omg that looks YUMMY! I love scallops. have very quickly become addicted to your journal. nicest feeling in a long time. ok now let me read this.

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