I keep thinking of this…

I keep thinking of this scene from Bujold's _Memory_, in connection with my desire to get married, which has been a tiny itch at the back of my brain for a long, long time. Ah, cultural programming. Miles, at this point in the story, has been offered an important job, but it rankles at him that he's still only a Lieutenant (because most of his missions have been covert operations, that he couldn't be recognized for).

"Most other Auditors are...retired senior officers, admirals or generals."
"You are a retired admiral, Miles," Gregor pointed out cheerfully.
"But...not publicly, not on Barrayar. The dignity of an Auditor's office..really needs at least a captaincy to support it, don't you think?"...
"Very well, Miles. Allow me to cure you of this distraction." His magic Imperial finger...flipped down to point at Miles. "Congratulations. You're a captain. My secretary will see that your records are updated. Does that satisfy you?"
"Entirely, Sire." Miles suppressed a grin. So, it was a touch anticlimactic, compared to the thousand ways he'd dreamed this promotion over the years. He was not moved to complain. "I want nothing more."

And that's how I'm feeling about marriage at the moment. :-)

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