Am feeling mildly…

Am feeling mildly fretful that I am now directly contributing to the often suffocating heteronormative marriage model that Kev and I avoided for so long. Pretty pictures and all. Even if gay marriage is becoming more legal, poly marriages aren't likely to be allowed anytime soon. And lots of people are clearly happier single than married (as can be testified to by so many of those who chose to divorce), but that's not the narrative American society tells.

One of my distant cousins once told me that because I hadn't gotten married, it made it easier for hir to resist parental pressure on that front. I'm not actually regretting getting married; I have other battles to focus on right now. But I do feel a bit like I've given up the flag, after twenty-three years of carrying it.

2 thoughts on “Am feeling mildly…”

  1. “But I do feel a bit like I’ve given up the flag, after twenty-three years of carrying it.”

    It’s OK to let someone else carry it for a while, Mary Anne.

  2. What a very nice comment, I just had to tell you that. I think everyone can learn a lesson from it. I hope Mary Anne liked it.

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