Cancer log 24: In…

Cancer log 24: In theory I'm supposed to get a breast MRI at 8:45 a.m., but I'm waiting to hear whether one hospital sent the other hospital a referral yesterday -- and it seems like no one is actually in the office yet. I am resisting the urge to leave additional messages on all the voicemail lines that I already left messages on, and am existing in a Schrdinger's cat state of referral-ness, entirely unclear on what I'm doing with the next three hours of my day. There should be an angsty country song about this.

Update: No referral processed yet, so no MRI today. Can't say I'm sad about that, honestly -- the day is already pretty busy, and it's nice to have this block of time open up. But still, referral system frustrating as heck. Argh.

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